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      The Pet Parenting Blog — Tips for Cat Collar Buying

      How to choose a Safe Cat Collar ?

      How to choose a Safe Cat Collar ?

       Cats unlike Dogs do not walk on a leash. Hence many Cat parents consider putting a collar on their Cats as a rather unnecessary accessory.  A Cat Collar essentially allows you to provide identification to your Cat and not mistakenly tagged as a stray cat. However Cat Collars can be risky unless a safe Cat Collar is used for your Pet Cat. 

      When choosing the Cat Collar for your Cat, it is critical to consider not only the comfort but also safety it needs to provide to your cat. Badly designed Cat Collars pose a high risk of getting caught and stuck on something. Hence, when choosing a cat collar for your Cat ,following are some important points to consider. 

      Firstly, you must pick a cat collar that provides Break Away buckles. Break Away collars or quick release buckle collars are designed to break away from a Cat’s neck if enough force is applied. 

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      This is extremely critical in case a Cat’s collar is stuck on any object like a corner of a window or a pointed object and causes excessive pressure on it’s fragile neck. You may have noticed that your Cat prefers to sit high up at vantage points like a refrigerator, a book shelf or kitchen cabinets. 

      Actually sleeping and hanging out in places with good vantage points (any place or position with a good view of the surroundings) occurs from their natural instinct of protecting themselves. funny cats cats in trouble safe cat collars cat collars online india cat owners in india cat shoppping online

      A high position gives them an aerial advantage and alerts them by spotting a potential danger. Well, unlike in the wild, in household living, these dangers could you be your neighbours dog or even a shadow monster in your bedroom :)

      Secondly, use a material that has a soft comfortable feel and yet is durable. 

      Avoid using fancy collars made of leather or rubber since that can cause skin irritation.

      Thirdly, make sure the cat collar is fitting properly. As a general rule, you should be able to slip two fingers through the collar. 

      A tight fitting collar will make your cat fussy. It could make several attempts to get rid of it. On the other hand, a very loose fitting collar can get caught on to something. 

      Lastly, you need to make sure that the bells or tags attached to the collars do not have sharp edges and are secured firmly to the collar.

      It is important that loose elements like bells and tags are secured firmly to the collar to avoid such things getting entangled in other objects or cat claws. 

      Pet Glam Cat Collars are carefully made with soft polyester materials and are equipped with safety first Break Away design. Pick from our attractive designs to glam up your cats in style. 

      Like suggested in the beginning, cats are different from dogs but they should still wear collars for their own security.  When shopping for cat collars, be sure to consider the tips suggested above and don’t compromise on your cat’s safety.