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      The Pet Parenting Blog — Dog Beds

      How to select a Dog Bed for your dog ?

      How to select a Dog Bed for your dog ?

      There is no place like home, and your pet knows that best. Being pampered all day by you as a pet parent and lazing around with those loving eyes is definitively what every pet dreams all day. 

      Cuddling with your pet on a sofa or your bed is the perfect family time undoubtedly. Yet your furry angel also deserves to have a place of its own for some me 'doggy time'. Having a comfortable, easy to clean and a strikingly stylish pet bed just ensures that you provide your pet just the right place to lounge while not on your lap.

      1. Size of your Pet : Dogs come in various sizes. The size of your pet will largely determine what type of bed you need to buy.  A full grown pug may fit into small to medium sized pet beds (65-75 Cms). Whereas a Labrador or Golden Retriever will need Large- XXL sized pet bed.  If your pet is a puppy, you might want to consider how big it would get before settling on a particular bed.
      2. Sleeping Style : Dogs & cats have their own sleeping style. Some like to curl inwards all huddled up. While others may prefer to stretch into one giant king kong pose. Do observe the sleeping style of your pet before to determine the size and shape of the bedding.  
      3. Support and Cushioning : Apart from size you may want to consider the comfort a bed provides. Well designed pet beds have adequate cushioning in the center pillow and firm bolster support for your pet to rest upon. 
      4. Material used for making Pet Bed. Also the fabric of the bed is a deciding factor. Breathable fabrics like Canvas and Cotton polyester blends suit the Indian climate, given that it should be just right for hot summer months & cosy enough for those mild to heavy winter months. Commonly available low grade synthetic and stretch fabrics could be irritable. Selecting the right fabric ensures it is safe on your pets skin.
      5. Washability of Dog Beds : Completely removable and washable covers are a must so that you could provide a clean and hygienic sleeping environment for your pet. Dog Beds that come with non removable covers attract bacteria and germs. This  can cause skin allergies if proper hygiene is not maintained. Ease of removing covers is significant so that you don’t struggle and damage the covers for every wash. Hence covers with concealed zips are advisable.
      6. Anti skid base : Another important feature to look for is the base of the dog bed. Dogs by their very nature are playful, especially younger pups and adolescent dogs may jump or skid. For elderly dogs, if the bed does not provide a firm anti skid base, there is always a fear of skidding. This can cause joint/hip injuries to senior dogs. 

      Responsible pet parenting starts with providing the right resting environment for your pet and buying a bed designed to meet your pet's needs shall ensure your provide the best you can get for your pet.

      At pet glam our stylish pet bed collection is the ultimate bedding that you as a pet parent would love to provide your beloved pet. So go on pamper your pet with the luxury it truly deserves.

      The Pet Parenting Blog

      The Pet Parenting Blog


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